Some people experience pain, tension, and dysfunction right away following an accident. However, it is not unusual for symptoms related to the accident to develop several days, weeks, or months afterward.

One of the most common injuries people suffer in car accidents is whiplash. Most whiplash injuries occur when you are sitting in a fixed position in your car with your torso secured by your seatbelt. When another vehicle crashes in to the front, side, or rear of your car, you neck gets jolted or “whipped” around because it is not restricted by the seatbelt.  

This causes damage and inflammation to the delicate ligaments and muscles that support the joints in your neck. When this occurs, you can experience neck pain, headaches, loss of motion, dizziness, jaw pain, brain fog, and numbness and tingling. While whiplash is a common result of a car accident, other injuries include upper back pain, mid back pain, low back pain, pain in the wrist and arms from gripping the steering wheel, and hip and leg pain from slamming the brakes at the moment of impact.

When the ligaments and muscles in the neck are damaged in a car accident, your body naturally starts repair process that results in scar tissue. It is important to maintain range of motion and alignment of the spine during this healing process so that you are not left with limited motion as well as chronic pain and inflammation.  Gentle, precise chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, as well as an exercise and stretching program can help improve motion, reduce inflammation, and pave the way for optimal healing from your injury.

At Benicia Wellness Center, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate you with a detailed examination that includes a neurological and orthopedic evaluation, and sometimes a structural assessment by x-ray or other diagnostic imaging when appropriate. We customize your treatment plan based on your level of injury and dysfunction, while being mindful of your health goals.

Being in a car accident can be an overwhelming and terrifying ordeal. Our team is experienced and understands the complexities of not only treating your injuries, but also of helping you handle your personal injury case working collaboratively with insurance companies and lawyers. We take the time to thoroughly educate and help you navigate this often challenging process.